Congressman Cheeno Almario’s Successful Free LTO Student Permit Caravan Benefits Thousands in Davao Oriental

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering the youth and residents of all ages in the 2nd District of Davao Oriental, Congressman Cheeno Miguel D. Almario spearheaded a highly successful Free Land Transportation Office (LTO) Student Permit Caravan. This ambitious project, executed in collaboration with LTO District Office Head Lloyd Bucod and his dedicated team, utilized a budget of PHP 6,933,000.00 to serve more than 3000 beneficiaries across the district.

The Student Permit Caravan, which ran across the four municipalities of Banay Banay, Lupon, Governor Generoso, and San Isidro, as well as the City of Mati, has received widespread acclaim for its impact on the community, both among the youth and aged residents alike.

Empowering the Youth and Aged Through Education and Mobility

The vision behind this innovative project was to facilitate the process of obtaining student permits for young residents while also assisting older members of the community in obtaining their permits. This initiative aimed to break down transportation barriers that often hindered residents of all ages from pursuing their dreams and accessing better educational and employment opportunities. Congressman Almario recognized that improved mobility was key to a brighter future for his constituents, whether they were young students or those seeking employment or business opportunities.

A District-Wide Success with Collaborative Efforts

The Free LTO Student Permit Caravan kicked off with a comprehensive plan to reach every corner of the district, ensuring that no one was left behind. In a collaborative effort, well-respected leaders in the 97 Barangays of the District played a crucial role in facilitating the program’s success. Their support and outreach efforts were instrumental in reaching beneficiaries across the district.

The team collaborated closely with the LTO District Office, led by Lloyd Bucod, whose expertise and dedication were pivotal to the project’s success.

Over the course of the caravan, more than 3000 beneficiaries received assistance in obtaining their student permits, regardless of age. This initiative eased the financial burden on many families and individuals, as the cost of acquiring these permits can often be prohibitive.

Community Support and Impact

The response from the communities within the 2nd District of Davao Oriental was overwhelmingly positive. Local residents, both young and aged, expressed their gratitude for the project’s direct impact on their lives. Many shared stories of how it had opened doors for them, enabling them to pursue higher education, gainful employment, or simply enjoy improved mobility.

Congressman Almario’s Commitment to Community Empowerment

Congressman Cheeno Miguel D. Almario has long been known for his unwavering commitment to community empowerment and development. This successful initiative is just one example of his dedication to improving the lives of his constituents, regardless of their age.

In a statement, Congressman Almario said, “The Free LTO Student Permit Caravan is a testament to what can be achieved when we work together for the betterment of our community, regardless of age. The youth are our future, and the aged are our pillars of wisdom. We must invest in their education and mobility to ensure they can reach their full potential.”

A Model for Empowerment and Collaboration

The Free LTO Student Permit Caravan in the 2nd District of Davao Oriental serves as a shining example of what can be accomplished through effective partnerships with local leaders and a commitment to community development. Congressman Cheeno Miguel D. Almario, along with the dedicated LTO District Office team led by Lloyd Bucod and the support of barangay leaders, has demonstrated that when leaders prioritize the needs of their constituents, positive change can be achieved for residents of all ages.

As the beneficiaries of this project embark on their educational and career journeys with newfound mobility, it is clear that the Free LTO Student Permit Caravan has not only made a difference in their lives but also set a remarkable precedent for future initiatives in the region, showcasing that community development knows no age limits. #